Imprimante Portable Élégante Rose
Imprimante Portable Élégante Rose

Portable printer

Key points :

  • High Resolution: Print with unrivaled clarity thanks to 200dpi resolution.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for printing from any device.
  • Lightweight Design: Ideal for transport, weighs almost nothing in your bag.
  • Ecological: Ink-free printing technology for a sustainable approach.

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This portable printer revolutionizes mobile printing by providing an eco-friendly and convenient solution for all your printing needs. Forget expensive ink cartridges and endless refills; This innovative technology uses heat to transfer your images to special paper, producing sharp, long-lasting photos in seconds. Furthermore, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. Whether you are traveling, in the office or at home, this portable printer is the ideal companion for capturing life in color, without the traditional constraints of printing.

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High Definition Printing from Portable Printer

L'Portable Printer is your ally for obtaining high-quality documents and images with exceptional clarity, whether for presentations, photos or reports.

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Durability and Autonomy

Thanks to its long-lasting battery, thePortable Printer is ready to work when you need it. In addition, its thermal printing system reduces material consumption.

Ergonomic Design

Its sleek design and sturdy construction make itPortable Printer a reliable and durable tool. It fits perfectly into your active lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetics.

Questions fréquentes

No, our mini printer uses thermal technology, so no ink needed.

The printer has a visible paper level indicator, allowing you to see when the paper needs to be replaced.

It is compatible with most iOS and Android operating systems.

Thermal paper refills are available online atTrendy Shop Geniusor from other specialist printing paper suppliers.

No, being amini thermal printer, it only prints in shades of black and white.